Portsmouth and Manchester New Hampshire Immigration AttorneyNH Immigration Lawyer Helping Bring Fiancés, Spouses, Children and Relatives to the United States If you need legal advice regarding the best way for a loved one to obtain a visa or to change a visa status, NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan inPortsmouth, is here to help you. Portsmouth NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan helps United States Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents to overcome the US immigration obstacles to obtain entry for family members or permit them to remain in the United States after their arrival.
Call (603) 433-1325 to schedule a Consultation with a Portsmouth NH Immigration Lawyer.  NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan advises and represents clients who need assistance with family immigration visas, such as:
-Fiance’s -Spouses -Parents -Children -Other Relatives
Through knowledge gained over years of experience, NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan analyzes you specific case to develop the best strategy to help your loved one enter the U.S. the most efficient way possible.
Portsmouth NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan also advises client whose immigration goals are complicated prior actions that have present immigration consequences, such as criminal history, previous immigration violations, as visa overstays, fraud or public charge issues.  In many cases, NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan can develop a successful immigration strategy. To learn more about NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan’s immigration practice representing families, spouses, fiancés, parents, and other relatives, contact Portsmouth NH Immigration Attorney for an initial consultation in Portsmouth, NH. NH Green Card Attorney- NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan Assists Families With Obtaining Green Cards Many clients have important questions regarding how to remain in the United States with family members or be re-united with them in the United States in the future. The NH Immigration Law Firm of Jason M. Sullivan offers reasoned, experienced immigration legal advice regarding family based visas and Lawful Permanent Residence (“Green Cards”). NH Immigration Lawyer Jason M. Sullivan has earned a reputation for outstanding client service, knowledgeable, practical legal advice, and the delivery of efficient legal services and has helped dozens of families obtain green cards for loved ones. For assistance, or to learn more about Attorney Sullivan’s immigration legal services, please contact us to schedule a consultation at our conveniently located Portsmouth NH Immigration Law Office. Portsmouth, NH Citizenship Lawyer
Becoming a Naturalized United States Citizen has many benefits. If you or a family member is interested in becoming a naturalized citizen, the following list of requirements below will help you determine if you are eligible. Requirements to Becoming a Naturalized Citizen:
​ •   You must be a legal permanent resident and at least 18 years old. •   You must have had a green card for 5 years before applying for naturalization. If you are married to a US citizen, you must have been married for 3 years to a U.S.C. and have had your lawful permanent residence status for 3 years before applying. •   Generally, you must not have lived outside of the United States for more than 6 months before applying. •   Generally, you must be able to speak, read, and write English. •   You must know basic United States history and government information for the test. •   You must be a person of "good moral character." •   You must have paid all taxes, filed all returns and have not been convicted of certain crimes that bar you from eligibility.